we spend our life trying to become, but the beauty is in the unbecoming

October 22, 2017

A Time You've Confronted Evil

I’ve protested, donated, rallied,
knocked on doors,
called my representatives, sent letters,
marched, fasted, and prayed.

I’ve advocated

for women, children, refugees,
People of Color, the poor, 
and the LGBTQ+ community.

I’ve written 

poems of injustice,
blogs calling out selfishness,
and Tweets against violence.

I’ve grieved 

at the Syrian border over the cost of war, 
and on the phone comforting a friend whose baby is dying. 

I’ve held the hands 

of the sick who are passing from this life to the next, 
and of women delivering babies who are passing from that life to this.

I’ve done this all 

just north of political correctness, 
and just west of having 
any sort of real risk involved.

I’ve resisted evil,

but I’m not convinced 
that resistance without sacrifice 
is confronting it.
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